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you as cannon fodder don't give

yourselves to these unnatural men

machine men with machine minds and

machine hearts you are not machines you

are not cattle you are men you have the

love of humanity in your hearts

you don't hate only the unloved hate

the unloved and the unnatural soldiers

don't fight for slavery fight for

liberty in the seventeenth chapter of

st. Luke it is written the kingdom of

God is within man not one man nor a

group of men but in all men in you you

the people have the power the power to

create machines the power to create


you the people have the power to make

this life free and beautiful to make

this life a wonderful adventure then in

the name of democracy let us use that

power let us all unite let us fight for

a new world a decent world that will

give men a chance to work that will give

you the future and old age a security by