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him I had 14 great birthdays without him

he never even sent me a damn car

I need them then and I'll need them now

we'll know you know what Uncle Phil I'm

gonna get through college without him

I'm gonna get a great job without him

I'm gonna marry me a beautiful honey and

I'm having me a whole bunch of kids I'll

be a better father than he ever was and

I sure as hell don't need him for that

cuz I ain't a damn thing he could ever

teach me about how to love my kids how

come you don't want me man you know

we're sitting here you and I and I get

couple of regular fellas

you do what you do I do what I gotta do

and now that we've been face to face

if I'm there I gotta put you away I

won't like it but I'll tell you

if it's between you and some poor

bastard whose wife you're gonna turn

into a widow brother you are going down

I'm sorry I don't want to be an emperor

that's not my business I don't want to