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gentleness without these qualities life

will be violent and all will be lost

the aeroplane and the radio have brought

us closer together the very nature of

these inventions cries out for the

goodness in men cries out for universal

brotherhood for the unity of us all even

now my voice is reaching millions

throughout the world millions of

despairing men women and children

victims of a system that makes men

you're gonna tell students that America

is so star-spangled awesome that we're

the only ones in the world who have

freedom Canada has freedom Japan has

freedom the UK France Italy Germany

Spain Australia Belgium has freedom so

207 sovereign states in the world like

180 of them have freedom all right and

got you a sorority girl just in case you

accidentally wander into a voting booth

one day there's some things you should

know and one of them is there is

absolutely no evidence to support the