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that's my new job working anywhere I

want I'm sorry

well you know what actually just works

out better for me you know it is

slimmies the summer come to class we're

next nuttin you know well it's all right

to be angry

hey why should I be mad for saying at

least he said goodbye this time I just

wish I hadn't wasted my money buying a

stupid present I'm sorry I'd you know if

there was something that I hey you know


you ain't gonna do no no no hey you know

ain't like I'm still five years old you

know ain't like imma be sittin up every

night asking my mom when's daddy coming

home you know who needs him he wasn't

there to teach me how to shoot my first

basket but I learned didn't I hey I got

pretty damn good as to did not fulfill

got through my first day without him

right I learned how to drive I learn how

to shave I learned how to fight without