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nobody is gonna hit as hard as life but

it ain't about how hard you hit it's

about how hard you can get hit and keep

moving forward how much you can take and

keep moving forward that's how weird it

is done now if you know what you're

worth the glottic get what you're worth

but you gotta be willing to take the

hits and not pointing fingers saying you

ain't where you wanna be because of him

or her or anybody cowards do that and

that ain't you

you're better than that

I'm always you love you no matter what

no matter what happens you my son it you

might play you're the best thing in my

life but until you start believing

yourself you gonna have a life don't

forget to visit your mother

rehabilitated well now let me see you

know I don't have any idea what that

means well that means you're ready to

rejoin society I know what do you think

it means something to me it's just a