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more than you love yourself I doubt you

ever dare to love anybody that much I

look at you I don't see an intelligent

confident man

I see a cocky scared shitless kid but

your genius will no one denies that no

one could possibly understand the depths

of you but you presume to know

everything about me because you saw a

painting of mine you ripped my [ __ ]

life apart you're an orphan right

do you think I know the first thing

about how hard your life has been how

you feel who you are because I've heard

all of the twist does that encapsulate

you personally I don't give a [ __ ] about

all that because you know what I can't

learn anything from you I can't read in

some [ __ ] book unless you want to

talk about you who you are

and I'm fascinated I mean

but you don't want to do that to your

sport you're terrified of what you might