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oh and Finity and beyond your best

losers always whine about that vest

winners go home and **** the prom queen

know what the best part of my day is for

about 10 seconds who might pull up to

the curb when I get to your door I think

maybe I'll get up there and I'll knock

on the door you won't be goodbye and

I'll see you later no nothing slap

my name is Maximus Decimus Meridius the

monitor of the armies of the north

general influence regions

loyal servant to the true Emperor Marcus


father to a murdered son husband to a

murdered wife and I will have my

vengeance in this life will be next milk

was a bad choice I wish I knew how to

quit you maybe maybe not

maybe **** yourself

nice bye for Richard accrual and starts

to drink your milkshake I drink your

milkshake I refill oh it's an inanimate

**** object we all rely on the