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sleeps under the blanket of the very

freedom that I provide and then

questions the manner in which I provide

it I would rather you just said thank

you and went on your way otherwise I

suggest you pick up a weapon and stand a

post either way I don't give a damn what

you think you are entitled to thought

about what you said to me the other day

of my painting

instead of half the night thinking about

it something occurred to me

I fell into a deep peaceful sleep and

haven't thought about you since you know

what occurred to me no we're just a kid

you don't have the faintest idea what

you're talking about why thank you

you've never been out of Boston

nope if I asked you about out you'd

probably give me the skinny on everybody

art book ever written Michelangelo you

know a lot about him life's work

political aspirations him in the Pope

sexual orientation the whole works right