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how much I love that you don't care how

much money a person makes you care what

what do you really want to know am i

sorry for what I did

well I there's not a day goes by I don't

feel regret not because I'm in here

because you think I should I look back

on the way I was then a young stupid kid

who committed that terrible crime I want

to talk to him I want to try to talk

some sense to him tell him the way

things are but I can't

that kids long gone this old man is all

of us left I gotta live with that

yeah billet ain't it it's just a

[ __ ] word so you go on and stamp

your form Sonny and stop wasting my time

because I tell you the truth I don't

give a [ __ ] why is not the greatest

country in the world professor that's my


you're saying yes let's talk about fine

look Sharon the NEA is a loser yeah it

accounts for a penny out of our paycheck