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but he gets to hit you with it anytime

he wants it doesn't cost money it cost

votes it costs airtime and column inches

you know why people don't like liberals

cuz they lose if liberals are so [ __ ]

smart oh come they lose so goddamn

always hey and with a straight face

gasp his last breath looking to you for

help I ask you about love I be caught me

a sonnet if you've never looked at a

woman and then totally vulnerable

knowing someone that could level you

with her eyes feeling like God put an

angel on earth just for you I could

rescue you from the depths of hell and

you wouldn't know what it's like to be

her angel they have that love for her be

there forever through anything through

cancer and you would know about sleep

and sitting up in a hospital room for

two months holding her hand because the

doctors could see in your eyes that the

terms visiting hours don't apply to you

you don't know about real loss because