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that young fellows like yourself can

wear a suit and the time I have a job

you can't handle the truth son we live

in a world that has walls and those

walls have to be guarded by men with

guns who's gonna do it you you

lieutenant Weinberg I have a greater

responsibility than you can possibly

fathom you weep for Santiago and you

curse the Marines you have that luxury

you have the luxury of not knowing what

I know that Santiago's death while

tragic probably saved lives and my

existence while grotesque and

incomprehensible to you saves lives you

don't want the truth because deep down

in places you don't talk about it

parties you want me on that wall you

need me on that wall we use words like

honor code loyalty we use these words as

the backbone of a life spent defending

something you used them as a punchline I

have neither the time or the inclination

to explain myself to a man who rises and